The Residences at Six Senses Hideaway at Yao Noi

The Residences at the Six Senses Hideaway at Yao Noi are situated on more than forty thousand square meters or four hectares on the island of Yao Noi, east of Phuket, Thailand. Initially only 9 villas luxuriously exclusive all with ocean view are situated along on the hillside plateau surrounded by the tranquility of their lush tropical surroundings.

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Ko Yao is a little developed island in midst of archipelago of forty four carst-stone islands in the Bay of Phang Nga, fifteen miles East of Phuket. The population of less than 5,000 counts fishing as their main occupation. With 60% of Ko Yao is covered in tropical rainforest, the island remains intact. Ko Yao spectacular views its pristine beaches, and a very pure natural environment make it a world-class site. Essential infrastructure however, including a hospital, schools, police station, electricity, water and phone system, is all in place on the island.

Remote, yet very accessible by boat in only 30 minutes or by short hop by our private helicopter from Phuket direct in 12 minutes.

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koh yao noi phuket

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koh yao noi thailand villa
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